DORSAL Surfboard Fins Quad 4 Set Future Compatible

$ 59.95 USD

Enhance your surfboard's performance with the DORSAL Surfboard Fins Quad 4 Set Future Compatible. These carbon fiber fins are not just any ordinary fins - they are the future of surfing! Designed to fit perfectly on your surfboard, these quad fins provide unparalleled speed and control in the water.

With their innovative design, they offer a seamless blend of power and maneuverability, allowing you to take your surfing skills to new heights. The carbon fiber construction ensures lightweight durability, making these fins not only high-performing but also long-lasting. Whether you're a professional surfer or a weekend wave warrior, these fins will withstand even the most challenging conditions, providing you with the confidence to tackle any wave. But the benefits don't stop there.

The stark black color adds a touch of style to your surfboard, making it stand out amongst the waves. And with the future compatibility feature, you can easily swap out your fins for a different configuration, experimenting with different setups to find your perfect ride.

Don't settle for average when it comes to your surfing experience. Upgrade your surfboard with the DORSAL Surfboard Fins Quad 4 Set Future Compatible and experience the thrill of riding the waves like never before. Get ready to revolutionize your surfing and make every session an unforgettable one.


Base: 4.41 / 112mm

Depth: 4.74" / 120mm

Area: 15.26" / 9847mm

Sweep: 32.9

Foil: 80/20


Base: 4.10" / 104mm

Depth: 4.00" / 108mm

Area: 12.64" / 8158mm

Sweep: 32.4

Foil: 80/20

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