DORSAL Travel Shortboard and Longboard Surfboard Board Day Bag Cover

$ 56.95 USD

Introducing the DORSAL Travel Shortboard and Longboard Surfboard Board Day Bag Cover - your ultimate surf buddy that combines innovative design with unbeatable functionality.

Imagine effortlessly transporting your beloved surfboard to and from the beach, knowing that it's fully protected against any bumps or scratches. With this bag cover, your surfboard stays pristine and ready for action whenever you are. What sets this bag apart from the rest is its exceptional insulation technology.

Equipped with a revolutionary cooling system, it keeps your drinks refreshingly cold for days, even under scorching sun rays. So as you ride those epic waves, stay hydrated and enjoy icy-cold refreshments throughout your entire surfing adventure. Designed with precision and durability in mind, this bag boasts reinforced break line trucks and a surf cord resistant to wear and tear. It's a true gateway to hassle-free transportation and storage for both shortboards and longboards.

Made from eco-friendly materials like hemp, it not only protects your surf gear but also helps support sustainable practices for a greener world. Forget about unpleasant odors and messy wax spills when you have the DORSAL Travel Bag. Its odor-resistant properties ensure that your gear always smells fresh and clean, while the wax pockets keep everything organized and spill-free.

Upgrade your surf lifestyle today with the DORSAL Travel Shortboard and Longboard Surfboard Board Day Bag Cover - the ultimate companion for every surfer who craves convenience, protection, and style.

  • Thermo-Flow Technology - World's First Wax Strips Multiple Internal Storage Pocket
  • 600D Polyester Reinforced Nose Cone - Heavy Duty YKK#10 Corrosion Resistant Plastic Zipper
  • Neoprene Padded Handle and Padded Shoulder Strap
  • Internal Wax Pocket - Storage Hook - 5mm High-Density Impact Foam - Heat Reflective External Material
  • Vent Optional Wax and UV Resistant Internal Lining - Internal Tail Divider - Side Wall Expanders

Available Sizes:

5' 6" -width 21.55' -

5'10" -width 21.5 inches -

6'- width 22 inches -

6'2- width 22 inches -

6'6- width 22 inches -

6' 8"- width 24 inches -

7'- width 23 inches -

7'6- width 23.5 inches

8'6"- width 24 inches

9'0- 25 inches,

9'6" 25 inches

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