DORSAL SUP & Surfboard Fin - No Tool Fin Screw - Center Fin for Longboard Surf & Paddleboard Glass Filled

$ 16.45 USD
  • CLASSIC TEMPLATE: This is our performance fin template designed to be a neutral, well balanced center fin for longboards and paddle boards. Medium build and rake make this design the foundation for further fin template exploration. This time tested classic foil offers a combination of drive, speed and responsiveness, it paddles easy and provides good hold in both flat water paddling and for turns and noseriding.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Depth: 789 and 10" Base: 6.5" and 8" Rake: 28 degree / MATERIAL: Glass Filled Nylon
  • COMPATIBILITY: Works on any SUP or surfboard with a standard 8.5" or 10.5" fin box. INCOMPATIBILITIES: Some Inflatable SUPs such as the Bali Solstice AquaMarine SPK2 see our compatibility image for more.
  • VERSATILE: Suitable fin for Longboard / Surfboard / Stand Up Paddle in all conditions.
  • INCLUDED "NO TOOL" FIN SCREW: We include our No Tool fin screw and plate set so you can install this on your board right away without any tools.

The DORSAL Signature II (GF) longboard surfboard fin seamlessly connects turns and allows surfers to move up and down the board. This versatile fin is designed for all conditions and combines drive speed and response for modern longboarding. The Glass Filled Signature Longboard Surfboard Fin is our original fin designed with a slight flex. This fin is the futures answer to glass fins for longboards and SUP.

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