Dorsal Universal Soft Racks with Car Roof Pads Tie Down Straps Storage Bag for Surfboards Kayak Canoe Paddleboards

$ 39.95 USD

The Dorsal Board Surf Wrap-Rax are the perfect choice when you want to safely transport your Surfboards Longboards Snowboards to the beach or snow using your vehicle. Straps on top of almost any vehicle and is great for carrying boats, boards, skis, ladders and other long, flat loads.

With 20 or 28 inch Pads and over 12ft straps this solution is perfect for the quick run to the surf and slopes.

These soft board racks wrap around the inside of your vehicle and allow you to secure your boards to the roof. The special soft padding and extremely sturdy buckles ensure that your boards will not slip or move around during transit. This system will work on vehicles with or without gutters.

  • Easily Convey Surfboards Longboards as well as Snowboards -This Dorsal Surf and Snow Soft Rack Pads set offers an effective way to convey surf boards longboards as well as snowboards.
  • Reliable Material For Longer Life -This soft rack pads set is integrated with top grade EVA foam and is secured by a weather proof?ápolyester sleeve. It comes with pads and straps that will secure almost any board. The middle positioned closure straps keep the rack pads secured while using. This is also perfect for bigger surfboard roof rack transport in a smooth aerodynamic style. This is wide enough to transport multiple surfboards with care.
  • Securing Your Surfboards -Keep your board secure and safe for the next journey with the amazing and state of the art Dorsal Origin Car Surf and Snow Soft Rack Pads; which is made of with durable 600D polyester material. Top of the bar is padded for sleek fit. It comes with hook & loop strap 20 or 28 inches long pad as well as it fits a lot of factory auto car racks. Securely holds surfboards strong secure system ensures easy safe transportation of boards even over long distances.

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