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Upgrade your surfboard with the DORSAL Surfboard Fins Thruster 3 Set! Crafted with precision and innovation, these carbon fiber fins boast exceptional performance and are fully compatible with the Futures system. Designed by Mark King to enhance your surfing experience, these fins provide the ultimate combination of speed, control, and maneuverability.

With their sleek and lightweight construction, you'll feel like you're flying effortlessly through every wave. The thruster configuration of these fins offers maximum stability and responsiveness, allowing you to make sharp turns, carve smoothly, and maintain control in even the most challenging conditions.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, these fins will take your surfing skills to new heights. Not only do these carbon fiber fins deliver remarkable performance, but they also have a durable and long-lasting design. Built to withstand the rigors of the ocean, they offer unbeatable durability, ensuring they will stay by your side on countless epic surf sessions.

Upgrade your surfboard game and make a statement with the DORSAL Surfboard Fins Thruster 3 Set. Unleash your full potential and experience the thrill of riding waves like never before. Get ready to ride the wave of success with these top-of-the-line fins.

For surfers in the 100 to 195 pound range.

Base: 4.41 / 112mm

Depth: 4.74" / 120mm

Area: 15.26" / 9847mm

Sweep: 32.9

Foil: 80/20





DORSAL Surfboard Fins Thruster 3 Set Future Compatible
DORSAL Surfboard Fins Thruster 3 Set Future Compatible Sale price$ 50.95 USD