Longboard Surfboard Fins Smart Screw and Plate for DORSAL FCS and Futures Compatible Fins and Boxes

$ 4.95 USD

High-quality Stainless Steel Smart-Screw and plate hand-tested for quality control.
Smart-Screw head accepts industry-standard fin tools which come standard with most board shorts today.

  • The Smart-Screw and plate fit industry-standard center fins and boxes.
  • No extra drag over standard screw never compromising fin performance.
  • Say Goodbye screwdriver! Replacing old screws with the Smart-Screw means never having to use a screwdriver and never again being frustrated that you forgot your screwdriver or be hassled by airport security. One tool does it all!
  • Adjusting the center fin in the water is simple allowing for compensation of rising or falling tides and swells without leaving the line-up.

Surf with confidence that your expensive center fin is mounted stronger than finger tight.

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